Vacuum Adapter for all Hole Pro Dust Shields

The perfect addition to the Hole Pro shields, Power Series Twin Blade X models with the XL-Arbor hole saw adapter.

Reusable plug to re-seal shield hole.

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**Used with

Attaches to standard 1" (25mm) power tool vacuum hose using adapter

Installation and usage instructions

Using a 1-3/8" (35mm) hole saw, cut a hole in the top of the Hole Pro shield at a point where the hole saw pilot bit is exactly 1-1/4" (32mm) from outer edge of the shield. The adapter's hole location needs to be close to the inner edge of the shield while leaving room for the Hole Pro Vacuum Adapter's flange. to sit flat. Vacuum suction will be best at the edge of the shield and this location helps to keep the vacuum hose out of the way while cutting holes using the shield.

When using with the XL-Arbor Adapter it is important to use the 2 flat washers from the kit between the arbor and the hole saw for clearance between the base of the hole saw and the Hole Pro Vacuum Adapter.

It helps to first make a puncture in the ceiling or wall inside the area to be cut allowing air to enter the shield while cutting, or tilt the shield to let air in to aid the vacuum to easily suck out all the dust.

Due to design of the tri-slot shields the shavings that collect in the slots when cutting overhead may not be sucked out by the vacuum. The solution is to apply clear packaging tape over shield's slots. The tape is easily removed to return to using the shield without a vacuum.

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