Hand Held Drill Hole Cutters (Power Series) Models

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  • Faster Cutting
  • No balance bars to change or break
  • Perfect balance
  • Cuts plywood, wood, sheetrock, plaster, MDF, fiberglass, ceiling tiles
  • Cutting thickness - 1-1/8"

    ** 2-1/4" when can be cut from both sides.
  • Uses 1/2" shank

Hole Pro Vacuum Adapter HEPA

Hole Pro X-230 plus and Grit Hole Saw

  • Easily add a vacuum adapter to any X-model shield for a shop or HEPA vacuum

  • The X-230+ has 5/8"-18 threaded shaft end for attaching a carbide grit hole saw and providing dust and cut depth control

  • Easily use any X-model kit shields with the XL-Arbor (HP1168) and any size hole saw up to 2-1/4" deep
  • Easily adjust the cut depth of the hole saw to avoid cutting hidden wires and pipes

HolePro in Use All twin-blade model kits include:

  • Patented Tri-Slot Shield, slots catch shavings to maintain visibility while cutting; also acts as a portable drill press
  • Hole Cutter
  • Heavy duty carry case
  • Two hex wrenches
  • User replacable blades

    -One tungsten carbide blade set (BT-002) and
    -One high speed steel (HSS) set (BH-002)



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  • Cuts holes 1-7/8" to 6"
  • Max cutting depth 1-1/8"
  • 8" shield (OD)
  • Item Code HP1152

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  • Cuts holes 1-7/8" to 9-1/4"
  • Max cutting depth 1-1/8"
  • Includes NEW built-in hole saw arbor for 1/2" or 5/8" hole cutters to max 1" depth
  • 11" shield (OD)
  • Item Code HP1180

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  • Cuts holes 1-7/8" to 12"
  • Max cutting depth 1-1/8"
  • 14" shield (OD)
  • Item Code HP1104

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  • Cuts holes 1-7/8" to 17" (max in wood 9")
  • Max cutting depth 1-1/8"
  • 19" shield (OD)
  • Item Code HP1178

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User Replaceable Blades for Twin Blade Models



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High Speed Steel (HSS)

  • HH-200, HH-300, HHT-200, X-148, X-230, X-230+, X-305, X-425
  • Cuts wood, melamine, acrylic sheet, soft acoustic tile and most plastics
  • Item Code HP1160

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Tungsten Carbide

  • HT-200, HHT-200, X-148, X-230, X-230+, X-305, X-425
  • Cuts sheetrock, MDF, plaster, plywood, fiberglass, Hardi fiber-cement board, & similar materials
  • Item Code HP1162

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Hole Pro Adjustable Hole Cutter Pilot Bit

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7mm x 2-3/4" High Speed Steel Pilot Bit

Adjustable Hole Cutter Pilot Bit

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  • Packaged as qty 2
  • For all Twin Blade models - HH-200, HH-300, HHT-200, HT-200, X-148, X-230, X-230+, X-305, and X-425
  • Item Code HP1197
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