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  • Hole Pro Introduces the XL-Arbor

  • The XL-Arbor is the perfect addition to any of the Hole Pro twin blade X or single blade CL adjustable hole cutter models. This arbor adapts any 1/2"-20 thread or 5/8"-18 thread hole saw to work with the patented Hole Pro shield for dust containment. Additionally, the orange knob can be set to control the cutting depth.

  • Hole Pro Introduces the X-230 Adjustable Hole Cutter

  • The Hole Pro twin blade X-200 8" model was redesigned to create the X-230 9" model using the same 11" OD shield. This model is ideal for Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC contractors who need to cut holes from 1-7/8"-9"

  • Hole Pro Introduces the X-148 Adjustable Hole Cutter

  • This twin blade adjustable hole cutter is designed to get into tight spaces for HVAC contractors installing Spacepak and Unico high velocity systems. This model also lends itself well to installing marine speakers in tight spaces.

  • Hole Pro Introduces the X-425 Adjustable Hole Cutter

  • This twin blade adjustable hole cutter with it's ability to cut up to a 17" hole is perfect for installers of Solar Tubular Skylights. This model is also good for speakers and HVAC ducts greater than 12"

  • Hole Pro Introduces Professional Grade Adjustable Hole Cutters

  • Two twin-blade and two single blade adjustable hole cutters are now available for the professional contractor or DIYer who needs to cut perfect holes, fast, safe and easy.