XL Arbor Hole Saw Adapter for all Twin Blade X Models

Hole Pro XL Arbor and Shield

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The perfect addition to the HolePro adjustable hole cutter kits. The XL Arbor Kit converts any Hole Pro X model hole cutter for use with any hole saw. The unique dual-head design permits mounting either 1/2"-20 or 5/8"-18 threaded hole saws with up to 2-1/2" cutting depth without the need for two arbors or special adapters.

The ABS shield collects all the dust and shavings and the orange adjustment knob makes it easy to control the depth of the cut - no fear of accidentally cutting a hidden wire or pipe when using a hole saw.

Item Code HP1168

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**Requires Hole Pro shield and orange adjustment knob included in Twin Blade X model kits

Twin Blade Hole Cutter

Hole Pro X hole cutter kit shown with XL-Arbor Hole Saw Adapter

Item Codes HP1168 and HP1171

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Hole Pro XL-Arbor Hole Saw adapter comes with the following components:

1. XL Arbor for all 1/2"-20 and 5/8"-18 threaded hole saws up to 2-1/4" (60mm) cutting depth

2. Tensioning spring

3. Release bar

4. Hex wrench

5. High Speed Steel pilot bit

6. Spacer disk

7. Yellow storage pouch

*** Excludes: ABS transparent shield and orange knob (both provided in Hole Pro Twin Blade X model kits or with Hole Pro Shield Item code HP1171)