Hole Pro® for Fiberglass and Marine

 The Hole Pro® twin blade hole saws are ideal for use with boats and for general fiberglass applications.  These models enable quick cutting of holes in fiberglass, wood, plywood, plastic, laminates, Formica, MD and other composite materials. The unique twin blade Hole Pro® models are inherently well balanced for smoother operation at any speed.

When cutting holes using a hand drill conventional cup style hole saws have a lot of surface area to grab the work piece being cut.  This is especially likely if the drill is not held perfectly perpendicular to the surface being cut. When the cup saw grabs or binds the drill starts to rotate the operator in the opposite direction, often resulting in injury.  When cutting holes with a hand drill the Hole Pro  Power Series twin blade adjustable hole cutters with their clear plastic dust shields eliminate these problems.

Their clear dust shields, in addition to trapping dust and shavings, insure that the hole cutter is perpendicular to the work surface, even when cutting upside down and supporting the drill with only one hand. With their ball bearing center to support the cutting tool and the soft rubber gasket on the shield’s outer edge to provide a dust seal, it works like a portable drill press with a dust collector. All dust along with the cut plug is safely trapped in the dust shield for quick disposal.

All Hole Pro Power Series adjustable hole saws and cutters have a unique clear ABS composite plastic dust and safety shield. It is the same material that is used for hockey helmets. Although more expensive to manufacture, these shields are the lightest and strongest safety shields available with any adjustable hole cutter made today. The patented dust shield with its patented tri-slot design catches the shavings as the hole cutter spins which keeps the work surface visible during the cutting operation regardless of the orientation of the drill and hole cutter. The Power Series models can be safely used in a drill press without the shields if desired, but the shields should always be in place when used with a hand drill.