Hole Pro ABS Dust Shields, Arbor Adapters and Vacuum Adapters

Kits adapt Hole Pro Adjustable Hole Cutter Kits for use with hole saws to the diameter of the shield (different by model) and to 2.5" deep

X-148 Shield, XL Arbor Adapter and Hole Saw

XL Arbor Adapter on DeWalt DCD940 drill

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Just add the XL-Arbor Kit with its dual 5/8"-18 and 1/2"-20 arbor shaft with depth adjustment and kit shield and orange adjustment knob.

Item Code HP1168

You can also purchase the Hole Pro Shield and XL Arbor Adapter together if you do not have an adjustable hole cutter kit.

Hole Pro XL-Arbor Hole Saw Adapter Kit - Item Code HP1168 and HP1171 together

Shield is pre-cut with 1-3/8 hole for the vacuum adapter and includes a removable rubber plug to seal the hole when not using a vacuum

Vacuum Adapter

Item Code HP1174

Hole Pro X-148 with Vacuum Adapter

X-148 (2" to 5 3/4") adjustable hole cutter and shield with Vaccum Adapter and 1" power tool hose

** Vacuum adapter works with all Hole Pro adjustable hole cutter shields:

  • X-230+ (2" to 9-1/4")
  • X-305 (2" to 12")
  • X-425 (2" to 17")
Hole Pro Shield, XL Arbor, Hole Saw and Vacuum Adapter

XL Shield and XL Arbor Adapter with Vacuum Adapter and standard 1" power tool hose

Hole Pro XL Shield Vacuum Adapter connector

Hole Pro vacuum adapter attaches to standard 1" (25mm) power tool vacuum hose using adapter such as RIDGID Universal Power Tool Adapter found at Home Depot SKU # 246307

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