About Us

    At HOLE?PRO, we provide unique hole cutting tools for use by professional trades people, including electricians, HVAC and refrigeration contractors, audio and CCTV security systems installers, carpenters, MRO engineers, plumbers, and remodelers. Our tools save them time and enable them to safely complete jobs faster.

    Widest Range of Adjustable Hole Cutter Models

    The HOLE PRO adjustable holes cutters are the only pro grade twin blade hole cutters on the market. They are fast to adjust for the exact hole size needed and they cover the widest range of hole sizes (models for cutting 2€ to 6-1/4€, 2€ to 9-1/4€, 2€ to 12€, and 2€ to 17€ diameter holes). The kits all include a tough and lightweight ball bearing mounted dust shield that trap dust and shavings, insures a straight hole cut, and controls the cutting depth to prevent accidental damage to hidden wiring and plumbing. Unlike single blade models there are no balance bars to change or break and with twin blades they cut twice as fast.

    All kits come with the hole cutter, an ABS composite plastic shield (same material is used to make hockey helmets), a set of high speed steel blades for wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic sheet, plastics, and a set of tungsten carbide blades for sheetrock, plaster, OSB, particleboard, fiber cement board (Hardie board, Durock, Wonder board, etc.) Formica, and fiberglass.

    Heavy duty 1/2" cord drills have a 3-1/2" maximum hole saw size limitation when cutting wood, but these same drills can quickly cut holes in wood up to 12 inches in diameter. The twin blades can be replaced by the user in seconds and spare blades are easily stored in the kit??s carry case so even with very large projects requiring hundreds of holes to be cut, workers know they will be able to complete the job.

    HOLE PRO shields can be adapted for use with ordinary hole saws or specialty hole cutter by using the HOLE PRO XL-Arbor Kit (hole saw shield adapter). The shield with an XL-Arbor enables the use of specialty hole cutters for boring holes in tile or stainless steel while still trapping all the dust and shavings and any contaminants behind the wall or ceiling. The cutting depth is adjustable to minimize accidental cutting of hidden wiring and plumbing when using a special purpose hole cutter or a conventional hole saw.

    BLUE BOAR? Professional Grade Hole Cutters

    The BLUE BOAR TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) multipurpose hole cutters are designed to out perform conventional hole saws by a wide margin, cutting up to 10 times faster and through a wide variety of materials. Workers can use a single hole cutter kit to make holes in wood, sheetrock, plaster, Hardie cement board, fiberglass, brick, stucco, particleboard, plastics, tiles, and metal sheet. Removing the cut plugs from the hole cutters takes seconds instead of minutes as ordinary hole saws and this saves a lot of time on the job. The TCT hole cutters are available in heavy and super duty grades, individually, and in kits with a durable storage case.

    New BLUE BOAR TCT bits for stucco, brick, and wood, have tough tungsten carbide cutting tips with a special tooth design that enables quick cutting through stucco or brick and through the plywood sheathing all in one operation using the same TCT bit. The worker can cut hole after hole without ever having to change the bit in the drill.

    BLUE BOAR Diamond Core Bits are designed to excel at dry cutting holes quickly in concrete block and brick. BLUE BOAR Diamond Core Bits with their laser welded diamond cutting segments are designed to be run dry even at high RPM??s without the use of water coolant. The BLUE BOAR diamond core bits are the only core bits available in 2-5/8" and 3-5/8" sizes that are perfect for cutting supply holes for 2" and 3" PVC, ABS, EMT, for electricians, plumbers, refrigeration, and HVAC contractor installations. An inexpensive self-centering bit is also available to facilitate the starting of the hole boring operation by less experienced workers.


    Hole Pro is a US owned and operated company since 2005.